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Installation requirements

BookStack The Install

<p id="bkmrk-the-documentation-no">The documentation notes port 6875, this is just a random external port. NGINX is serving on port 80.</p> <p id="bkmrk-laravel-requires-%2212">Laravel requires "" as DB address if hosted in same pod, not "Localhost" ...


Useful Applets and Commands

<p id="bkmrk-docker-run---net%3Dhos">docker run --net=host --env DISPLAY="" --volume="$HOME/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthori ty:rw" xi xeyes</p> <pre id="bkmrk-from-centos%3A7-run-yu"><code class="language-Docker">FROM centos:7 RUN yum update -y ...

md1200 disk shelf


<p id="bkmrk-i-had-a-lot-of-probl">I had a lot of problems getting the fans to spin down. To start with I had to buy a <a href="">special cable</...

pfsense dyndns


<p id="bkmrk-configuring-pfsense-">Configuring pfsense dyndns with namecheap is a big bag of bullshit</p> <p id="bkmrk-remember-to-use-the-">Remember to use the generated apikey as the password</p> <p id="bkmrk-host-%3D-%22%40%22-domain-%3D-">host = "@" doma...

EMI Boot

Linux VMs

<p id="bkmrk-sometimes-this-will-">Sometimes this will drop into a shell instead of booting actual hosts. </p> <p id="bkmrk-either-manually-type">Either manually type "exit" then Boot Maintenance Manager &gt; Boot From File &gt; EFI &gt; Debian &gt; grubx64.e...

swapoff stop kubelet from working

Linux VMs

<p id="bkmrk-swap-gets-re-enabled">Swap gets re-enabled for whatever reason on the kubernetes master, it requires manually doing a `swapoff -a` on boot to get the kubelet started again.</p>

Client Config notes


<p id="bkmrk-ran-this-on-all-the-">Ran this on all the hosts in the cluster; <code>sysctl -q net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark=1</code></p> <p id="bkmrk-%C2%A0"> </p> <p id="bkmrk-needed-the-privilege">Needed the privileged &amp; net_admin for tunnel binding<...

Calling APIs


<p id="bkmrk-this-was-an-example-">This was an example of a call requested from the LSIO discord to add a tag on completion of a torrent. This is a working example of authenticating to the API and then calling it to add the "done" tag.</p> <pre id="bkmrk-curl...

Mount paths with dvrfs

WSL 1/2

<p id="bkmrk-today-i-spent-some-t">Today I spent some time with Stuart in linux-chat working out why Plex couldn't see files on Docker on Alpine on WSL2 on Windows over an SMB share on the network to another windows host.</p> <p id="bkmrk-we-were-able-to-get-...

Switching to Mysql from Sqlite


<p id="bkmrk-i-constantly-had-iss">I constantly had issues of sqlite DB locks just "occurring" even when no traffic to the app was happening. This happened on NFS, Root NFS, and iSCSI block stores alike.</p> <p id="bkmrk-in-an-attempt-to-mit">In an attempt to...

Docker-Compose with Mullvad Wireguard & arbitrary service


I was able to make this work really easily in native Kubernetes pods, but lots of folks had been asking questions about getting Wireguard connected to an arbitrary service properly and safely that may not have the means to use that infrastructure. Below are my...

Custom dockerfile install of NordVPN


<p id="bkmrk-a-user-reached-out-n">A user reached out noting that a connected service with <code>network_mode="container:vpn"</code> couldn't get into the webUI. I directed them to the <a href="">https://bookstack.a...

The install

Docker in Docker in Kubernetes

<p id="bkmrk-this-is-to-chronicle">This is to chronicle the install and testing of the lsio build slave process in kubernetes</p> <pre id="bkmrk-from-debian%3Astretch-"><code class="language-">FROM debian:stretch RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install -y ...


wireguard Troubleshooting

One user claimed that when they enabled wireguard via a `docker-compose up` that all containers lost internet access.   TCPDumps showed that NAT from the bridges to the external interface had been lost at some point, indicating that the iptables may have bee...

Binding with Wireguard


version: "3.7" services: wireguard: image: linuxserver/wireguard container_name: wireguard cap_add: - NET_ADMIN - SYS_MODULE environment: - PUID=1000 - PGID=1000 - TZ=Europe/London volumes: ...

Wireguard Container + Server


SawToday at 9:18 AMEvening, maybe someone can help me. I am really not a network professional. I installed the Wireguard container on my rootserver, and on my server here in my own lan. The connection works too, but I can't get the route right, so the docker h...


Random Services Pterodactyl

This is the docker-compose full-up service from This requires some customization on your router to port forward 80 &amp; 443 &amp; 2022 to the host with this compose for full functionality, but that is beyond the scope of this testing....

Converting Raw Image To STL

Modifying Images to Print

This was a giant pain in the ass. TL;DR: Gimp > png > Inkscape (trace bitmap) > svg > Blender (Import SVG > Convert to Curves > Convert to Mesh > Geometry Extrude) STL Gimp: Crop (Shift + C) Color Correct Export as PNG Inkscape: Path > Trace Bitma...

Configuring the Client

Ubuntu Wireguard Setting Up Wireguard Client with PFSense

You need a few pieces of information to configure the client and server. This documentation is just for the client side. Install wireguard and wireguard-tools sudo apt-get install wireguard wireguard-tools Generate a public and private key. This can be do...

Configuring PFSense

Ubuntu Wireguard Setting Up Wireguard Client with PFSense

Configuring Wireguard Install the package via System > Package Manager > Wireguard Browse to VPN > Wireguard Add a tunnel Generate a key pair (Configuration and Peers to be configured later). The public key from this is needed in Configuring the Peers Set ...