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md1200 disk shelf

I had a lot of problems getting the fans to spin down. To start with I had to buy a special cable, use these serial settings: RS232, 38400-8-n-1, and update the firmware, replace the EMMs after a failed _boot command.

The most useful commands have been:

_boot > File Transfer > xmodem > send
set_temp <#> <c>
set_speed <%> | _shutup <%>

BlueDress.106.000 >devils
asset_tag   Set or Display the Asset Tag: asset_tag {setvalue}
asd_offset  Set or Display the Auto-Shudown Offset value: asd_offset {setvalue}
broadcast   Send Broadcast SES Message: broadcast
chassistype Display and or Set Chassis Type: chassistype <0 = Blue Devil !0 = Red Devil>
clear_eel   Clear Event Error Log: clear_eel
clear_temp  Remove override of Temperature: clear_temp <sensor>
dbs         Database Read  : dbs  <page>
devils      Print the Help Screen
drive_led   Write drive led: <logicaldrive> <data>
eepromdump  EEprom Dump: eepromdump <port><addr><size in K(1,2,4,8,..512>
eepromfill  EEprom Fill: eepromfill <port><addr><size in K(1,2,4,8,..512><pattern>
eepromwrite EEprom Write: eepromwrite <port><addr><size in K(1,2,4,8,..512><offset><length><pattern>
fanlog      Fan fault count for each power supply fan [8 per unit]
fpgadisable Put FPGA in Slave Mode: fpgadisable>
fpgaenable  Put FPGA in Master Mode: fpgaenable>
fpga_rd     FPGA Access: fpga_rd <Register> <#bytes>
fpga_wr     FPGA Access: fpga_wr <Register> <data>[<Register> <data> ...]
fru_display Display FRU Status: fru_display
fru_clear   Clear Fru: fru_clear [0-SIM0, 1-SIM1, 2-PBP, 3-PS0, 4-PS1 5-SBP]
fru_download Download Fru: fru_download [0-SIM0, 1-SIM1, 2-PBP, 3-PS0, 4-PS1 5-SBP]
fru_read    Read Fru: fru_read [0-SIM0, 1-SIM1, 2-PBP, 3-PS0, 4-PS1 5-SBP]]
get_time    get encl time: get_time
gpio_rd     Read a GPIO: gpio_rd <number>
heart_beat  SIM Heartbeat Control: heart_beat [0=off !0=on] <timeout>
isim_debug  Change or view isim stats: <data> <0 - Disable; 1 - Enable>
l4_test     L4 integration manufacturing diag: l4_test
lm75        LM75 Read Access: lm75 <Slave Address>
lm75_rd     LM75 Read Access: lm75_rd <Slave Address> <Register>
lm75_wr     LM75 Write Access: lm75_wr <Slave Address> <Register> <1 byte>
log_ipmi    Log an IPMI Event:log_ipmi<Code><Type><Sensor><EV0><EV1><EV2><EV3>
max6654     Display MAX6654 Registers: max6654 <i2c port><slave addr>
noise       Write audible alarm: <data>
nvramread8  Read NVram 32bit area: nvramread <address> <length>
nvramread   Read NVram 32bit area: nvramread <32bit address> <length>
nvramwrite8 Write NVram 32bit area: nvramwrite <address> <data> [<32bit address> <data> ...]
nvramwrite  Write NVram 32bit area: nvramwrite <32bit address> <data> [<32bit address> <data> ...]
page_a      Display drive SAS Address: page_a
ps_status   Get P/S Module Status: ps_status <l(eft)/r(ight)>
ps_cap      Get P/S Module capability: ps_cap <l(eft)/r(ight)>
ps_clear    Clear P/S Module Status: ps_clr <l(eft)/r(ight)>
ps_page     Get P/S Module Status: ps_status <l(eft)/r(ight)>
ppid        Set or Display PPID: ppid {fruNumber}{setvalue}
prompt      Prompt on/off
rd_8        8-bit Read: rd_8   <address> <# of 8 bit words>
rd_16       16-bit Read: rd_16  <address> <# of 16 bit words>
rd_32       32-bit Read: rd_32  <address> <# of 32 bit words>
reset_peer  Reset other SIM using GPIO <1-reset peer>
reset       Reset ARM using Watch Dog timer
rev         SIM Firmware and Diagnogstic Revision
sas_address Display SAS Address from Phys: (option for magic addr <1>)
sbb_status  Set SBB status: sbb_set <default-print status, 0-set good, 1-set failed>
scratchpad  Display Location of Memory Test Area: scratchpad
service_tag Set or Display the Service Tag: service_tag {setvalue}
ses_page    Display SES Page: ses_page <page><buffer size>
set_speed   Sets Fan Speeds: set_speed <0-100%> 20 default
set_temp    set encl temp: set_temp <sensor><temp>( -55 to 125 degrees C)
set_thres   Set P/S Module Fan Speed Threshold: set_thres <l(eft)/r(ight)><speed code 0..15>
shelf_led   Write shelf led: <data> <0 - Disable; 1 - Enable>
twi_dis     TWI device discovery: twi_dis
twi_rd      TWI device byte read: twi_rd <port ID> <address> <# of bytes - 0xff max>
twi_stats   Dump twi statistics: twi_stats [clear]
twi_wr      TWI device byte write: twi_wr <port ID> <address> {0xff bytes max}
twi_wr_rd   TWI device wr/rd: twi_wr_rd <port ID> <address> <#read bytes> <write data>
wr_8        8-bit Write: wr_8  <address> <data> [<address> <data> ...]
wr_16       16-bit Write: wr_16 <address> <data> [<address> <data> ...]
wr_32       32-bit Write: wr_32 <address> <data> [<address> <data> ...]
BlueDress.106.000 >_devils
_boot          Download the boot image (FW image 1 and 2 erased)
_clrphyerr     Clear PHY error counter(s) <phy Num (invalid PHY Num=all)>
_date          Date: date
_debugpage2    Dispalys Page 2 data when Host read it : 0 = OFF !0 = Active
_devils        Print the Extended help
_dwd_reset     Disable WatchDog reset: dwd_reset
_download      Down load code using Xmodem: Region[0-9] Offset Erase[y/n]
_download_fpga Down FPGA load code using Xmodem: _download_fpga
_drive_pres    Return Drive presense: _drive_pres
_ecc           Display ECC counts: ecc {clear}
_ema_poll      Turns on or off the analysis polling.  Disables SES & LED update
_erase         Erase F/W Region: erase [0..10] NOTE: This can mess up your code!
_event         Event log test
_fan_ctrl_thrd Write fan control parameters in C: fan_ctrl_thrd <M> <H> <SIM offset> <hysteresis>
_flashdump     Dump Flash: flashdump <offset> <length>
_fpgaread      Read FPGA Register: fpgaread <register> <length>
_fpgawrite     Write FPGA Register: fpgawrite <register> <data> [<register> <data>...]
_fail_ts       Fail temperature sensor: fail_ts <sensor>
_flashpeer     Flash Peer: <0=ACTIVE ; 1=BOOT>
_gpio_setting  Read a GPIO Setting: gpio_settings <0..7>
_history       Show CLI History: history
_hotswap       Enable/disable Hotswap
_icid_clear    Clears the ICID value to default.
_isim_msg      Send message to ISIM thread
_ledconfig     Show LED Configuration Settings
_ledmode       Set Mode for led: ledmode <number><direction><state>
_ledread       Read LED GPIO value: ledread <number>
_ledset        Set LED GPIO Value: ledset <number><state>
_lm75_trip     LM75 Interrrupt Control: lm75_trip <sensor><state>
_loadcpld      Load xsvf file from flash into CPLD
_map           Display SES Sensor Data: map
_phy_info   Display SAS phy information
_ps_pmb_test   Test P/S Module PMBUS commands: ps_pmb_test <l(eft)/r(ight)>
_psfup   P/S Module Firmware update: psfup <l(eft)/r(ight)>
_queue         Dump the Message Queue usage: queue
_quick         Quick regression: quick
_rdcam         Read CAM Address contents <address (0-1024)>, <display count>
_rdtxphy       Display current SASTX2G Phy settings <phy Num (invalid PHY Num=all)>
_rdrxphy       Display current SASRX2G Phy settings <phy Num (invalid PHY Num=all)>
_rdphyerr      Display PHY error counters <phy Num (invalid PHY Num=all)>
_rdled         LED Control Register Read: rdled  <offset> <# of 32 bit words>
_runtime       Down load code using Xmodem to the non-active region: runtime
_set_cid       Set company ID of ELI: cid_set [0-From Exp, 1-Custom <32bit data>]
_shutdown      Invoke a thermal shut down sequence: _shutdown <why>
_shutup        Slow down fans: _shutup <0-100%> 20 default
_slotled       Control Slot LEDs: slotled <slot><pattern> (slot > MaxDrive = 'all')
_splitforce    Control Split Override: splitforce <0-switched; 1-ForceJoin; 3-ForceSplit>
_ssc_control   Turn SSC on or off <enable 1, disable 0>
_stack         Show Stack Usage: stack
_temp_rd       Read current temperature values
_temp_thrd     Write temp thresholds: temp_thrd <HS> <HC> <HW> <LW> <LC> <LS>
_test_stub     test_stub
_thread        Display Threadx Information: thread
_timer         Display Timer information: timer
_trace         Display Trace Log [- for Tail] [+ for Head]: trace [-]count
_traceclear    Clear trace log: traceclear
_twi_hang      Hang the TWI bus for testing purposes only
_ver           Version Information: ver
_wdt           WatchDog test: wdt <who>
_who           Who's home (installed): who
_wrphy         Write SAS2G1-3 Phy setting <phy number,Dword>
_wrphyall      Write all SAS2G1-3 Phy setting <uses PHY setting table>
_zone_mask     Display Zone Mask for all PHYs