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Captain's Log: Progress Report

Anson Learns Python Pybadge Dev Notes

Learning Python Log So I can see how I grow because the code doesn’t always show everything I’ve done Wed 11/11/20 My first day starting to learn Python. Just watched a few intro to Python lectures on YouTube. Thurs 11/12/20

Captain's Log Progress Report

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

Anson learns Python Here's a progress log on what Anson learns on his Python journey. Just to keep track and see progress.   Current Goals These are taken from notes on 1/5/21 Finish the Udemy course on Python Create the game snake Turn my Excel sheet...

Notes - Sunday 12/20/20

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

Starting! My 2 week goal is to create the game Snake in Python. So I can kickstart my new game dev studio. I got overwhelmed with options for editors and went with Visual Studio Code ("VS Code") which was recommended by the jwaz nerd chat. Mu will be my backu...

Notes - Monday 12/21/20

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

Day 2 of working on the Udemy Python Bootcamp course! We're going to pickup with more info about strings. String Properties and Methods Strings are "immutable" or cannot be changed. So for example: If I set name = "Bob" And then I try to set 'B' to 'R', ...

Notes - Monday 12/28/20

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

12/28/20 Monday Let's keep going with the Udemy course! We took a smol holiday break. Starting with boolean operators. Boolean Comparison operators == Equality: Checks to see if objects are equal to each other. Type of data matters so if you compare "2" = 2...

Notes - Tuesday 12/22/20

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

Day 3 of Python Bootcamp LFG. Dictionaries Dictionaries are unordered mappings for storing objects. Mappings are collections of objects that are stored using a key. A sequence stores objects using the position. Mappings won't have an order and can't be sorte...

Notes - Wednesday 12/30/20

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

12/30/20 Wednesday I started Python statements on 12/28/20 Monday but didn't get very far. So I'm including it here. Python Statements Let's learn about stuff like If then statements. I don't know a lot of statement examples lol... if, elif, and else state...

Notes - Tuesday 1/5/21

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

1/5/21 Tuesday New year, same course. Let's learn more about Python. For Loops Many objects in Python are iterable or are capable of being repeated. This means we can iterate over every element in the object. For example, we can: Iterate or repeat every ...

Notes - Wednesday 1/6/21 - Backup of the Temperature Converter Code

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

1/6/21: My first Python Code. It converts temperatures from F to C and C to F. Huge thanks for @Tokugero and @Leeoku for helping me. And Girlshark for the inspiration Code with comments # Instantiate initial true flag to enter loop run_loop = True # Set g...

Notes - Wednesday 1/6/21

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

1/6/21 Wed Other Useful Operators and Functions   Range Operator Often, we'll have lists of numbers and instead of typing out all the numbers in the list, we can use the Range function. This works similar to the slicing function mentioned above. So let's s...

Notes - Friday 01/15/21

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

Friday 01/15/21 Today I wanted to work on the test and comprehension part of the course which can be seen here. They threw in something called *args and **kwargs in the middle of my coding practice. So let's learn about args. *args and **kwargs *args These...

Notes - Tues 01/12/21

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

Tuesday 01/12/21 Methods and Python Documentation Objects in Python have methods. So for example the .split() and .append() are types of methods. A list of the methods can be found by just typing in mylist. and seeing the popup window in VSCode. You can also...

Notes - Sunday 01/17/21

Anson Learns Python Learn 2 Python Notes

TIL Today I'm working on some practice problems. I'm going to take some notes on what I learned while I go through these problems. Unfortunately the solutions include things we've never gone over in the lectures. Reference this link for the questions and this...

Baby's 1st Steps

Anson Learns Docker

Let's Learn Docker Phil likes Docker and it's something useful to learn. And LastPass is taking away my free service so I need to DIY a password manager. Here's some notes References General Docker Documentation Docker run Docker compose bitwardenrs wi...